You're probably already familiar with our new and improved Basiq Dashboard. We're super excited to announce that we've added a range of functionality so you can run, configure and monitor your account with more ease than ever before!

But..... before we officially announce the release we'd love to give you a head start in testing it out.

Below is a quick summary of all the features we've added so you can beta test the Basiq Dashboard and provide feedback on how we can make it even more user-friendly.

What's new?

We've added functionality so that you can now do the following, direct from the Basiq Dashboard:


  • Create new users and connections.
  • View the list of accounts and transactions associated with each connection and user.

Demo data

  • Create a new account with demo users. New accounts will come pre-populated with three users who have connections to live data so you can run tests just as if they were real customers!

Permission sets: Admin, Member, API key

  • Full read/write access
  • Manage Applications
  • Manage API keys and Scheduler
  • Manage Permission sets
  • Assign Permission sets to Members and API keys
  • Manage company settings
  • Access to users within assigned

    applications or

  • Access to users and features per assigned

    application and per assigned Permission set

  • Full access: No permission set is assigned

  • Restricted access: Limited to specific endpoints

    based on Permission set assigned by Admin.



  • For our partners using Affordability: You can now generate a downloadable Affordability report via link or API and view a “snapshot history” of all the reports you’ve generated for a user in the past.

Interested? Simply head here to beta test the Basiq Dashboard and we'll be in touch to hear your say on how we can make it even more user-friendly!

Till next time 👋

The Basiq team