In partnership with FinchXP, Basiq is now able to offer customers advanced Data Enrichment through a new “Basiq x FinchXP API” Service.

FinchXP Data Intelligence APIs

FinchXP is Finch’s award-winning financial data intelligence platform powering fintechs and financial services across Australia. Its proprietary AI engine, Thalos, now provides data intelligence services on >180 million transactions every month, with its machine learning platform trained on over $30 billion of transactions every year.

Basiq x FinchXP API

The Basiq x Finch API combines Basiq’s aggregation with Finch’s premium data intelligence  enrichment into a single solution, delivering more accurate insights, faster and at a lower cost.

Finch adds deep insight and intelligence to Basiq transaction data in real-time, letting you get on with the job of innovating. With a market leading accuracy and service level guarantees around merchant name, location and category detection  : the Finch API is like having an entire data science team within a single API.

Finch has ready-made solutions for a wide range of use cases including PFM, Lending, Loyalty and Expense Management.

How it works with Basiq


With dual API options available for easy integration, accurate insights are now available in just 1-2 short days.

As soon as a customer’s aggregated account and transaction data has been collected using Basiq Connect, it is posted directly to the Finch API. Data is returned in less than 2 seconds for up to 100 transactions, enriched with:

  • Over 240 categories, including ANZSIC and Merchant Category Codes (MCC)
  • Detailed transaction type, including ATM withdrawals, online payments and international transactions.
  • Merchant details including location and logo

Larger datasets of up to 10 million transactions can be batch enriched overnight.

Learn more about Finch here.

To celebrate this new partnership, LIMITED TIME introductory pricing available until Nov 30, 2020. Find out more.