With almost 2 million apps on the Apple app store and nearly 3 million on the Google Play store, it's fair to say that app design is more competitive than ever. Apps like TikTok and Spotify are used by billions of people around the world on a daily basis and set the bar for digital experiences, no matter what kind of app you're creating.

TikTok and Spotify are shaping customer expectations when it comes to mobile experience.

Popular apps are simple, engaging and most importantly - they speak their user's language.

When it comes to finances, your customers might not speak 'transaction descriptor' but chances are they recognise the logos of the brands they're shopping with. To make sure your app speaks to customers, we've added +500 logos across Australia’s most popular brands to the Basiq Enrich API.

Basiq's Enrich API already recognises bank transactions the way a human would. Tapping into +50 data sources to identify the merchant, location and category of each transaction. With added merchant logos you can easily translate your customer's spending into instantly recognisable visuals.

To make sure your app has the best look and feel, we’ve focused on adding SVGs for infinite resolution. We'll be adding many more logos over the next few months so your customers can eventually do away with having to read through payment descriptions and focus on saving. Check out what your app could look like below:

How it works

When a transaction is posted to the Enrich endpoint, the response now includes the following attributes:

  • logo-master: which contains a URL to a full size image.
  • logo-thumb: which contains a URL to an alternate version, suitable for thumbnails.

Where available, the logo is in SVG format, otherwise PNG, GIF, JPEG, JPG.

Current Enrich users can take advantage of this new feature now by checking out our Enrich API docs and posting a transaction description like the one below:


The response will look like this:

    "type": "enrich",
    "direction": "debit",
    "class": "payment",
    "data": {
        "merchant": {
            "businessName": "Metro Petroleum",
            "website": "http://www.metropetroleum.com.au/",
            "phoneNumber": {
                "local": "",
                "international": ""
        "location": {
            "routeNo": "51",
            "route": "Spofforth St",
            "postalCode": "2090",
            "suburb": "Cremorne",
            "state": "NSW",
            "country": "Australia",
            "formattedAddress": "51 Spofforth St, Cremorne NSW 2090",
            "geometry": {
                "lat": "-33.832806",
                "lng": "151.2295198"
        "category": {
            "anzsic": {
                "division": {
                    "code": "G",
                    "title": "Retail Trade"
                "subdivision": {
                    "code": "40",
                    "title": "Fuel Retailing"
                "group": {
                    "code": "400",
                    "title": "Fuel Retailing"
                "class": {
                    "code": "4000",
                    "title": "Fuel Retailing"
    "links": {
        "self": "https://au-api.basiq.io/enrich?institution=AU04301&q=METRO+PETROLEUM+FR+FORE",
        "logo-master": "https://enrich-enrichmerchantslogobucket-6or17iuhdvs9.s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/metro_petroleum-master.png",
        "logo-thumb": "https://enrich-enrichmerchantslogobucket-6or17iuhdvs9.s3-ap-southeast-2.amazonaws.com/metro_petroleum-thumb.png"

As always feel free to get in touch if you have feedback. We'd also love to hear your thoughts on whether logo quality or merchant coverage is more important for your use case.

Check out the full list of merchant logos here!

We're excited to see what our game-changing Enrich users create with this update 🥳 🥳 🥳

Don’t have Enrich? Find out how you can convert transactions into insights by visiting our Enrich page.